Are You In Alignment In Your Life?

Most of us have had that moment when we’ve been driving to work in the morning… coffee in hand, your favorite song on the radio. You feel alive, awake and you think to yourself… “I feel good today.” You start to think about your life and somehow, in the depths of your own thoughts and in this one moment, you feel like you can accomplish all your goals. You feel the motivation. You feel like it is all possible. You feel excited. Most of the time however, something happens. Something occurs in your day because when you are driving home you feel exhausted, worn out and easily agitated or stressed. I use this example of driving to work in the morning because I think we can all relate to this happening at one time or another. But the truth is, this happens several times in our day. We could be feeling great coming out of the gym or after a yoga class but suddenly we come in contact with a driver with road rage on the way home and our whole mood has shifted. But if only we could stay in that place of feeling on top of the world…. because there, all things felt possible (and in truth, they are).


What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment? 

Being in alignment (also known as being in your own personal vibration) means to be in synch with what you want and to also believe that you can have it. When we are in alignment, we are in touch with the larger part of who we are… our higher self. This is our connection to our spiritual selves and the spiritual world.  When we feel emotions such as joy, hope, positive expectation, etc, we are functioning in our higher selves and connecting (wether we know it or not) to our spiritual source. Simply put… being in alignment is an emotional state that makes us feel good. Alignment always feels good! … therefore the way to get into alignment with your higher self (spiritual world, Universe..whatever you choose to call it) is to feel good! By feeling these positive emotions, you will continue to attract such situations and experiences into your life. When you are experiencing disappointment, stress, anger or any type of negative emotion, you are out of alignment with yourself, and thus will continue to attract these negative emotions into your life if you chose to stay there.


What Takes Us Out Of Our Alignment

The short answer to this is negative emotions. Anything that pulls us away from our happiness, also pulls us away from our higher selves.There are several things that occur in our lives that take us out of alignment with ourselves and bring us further and further away from what it is we truly want. In fact, it pulls us so far away that we start to believe we don’t deserve them or that they aren’t possible for us to attain. Often times, these belief systems come from our own personal experiences. It could be anything from a resonant feeling of failure from a past relationship not working out or a belief of being unsuccessful in your career because you never got that support and encouragement growing up. These types of occurrences usually stem deep and thus these feelings resonate with us to the point that it becomes our own self talk and how we view ourselves. 

There are also several other engagements that occur in our every day, that can bring us out of our alignment but that are easier for us to recognize if we allow ourselves to. You will know when this happens because you will see it as a shift in energy or thoughts. With this, it is always important to be self aware and intuitive to what is happening around you. Personally, I always try to think about what had just happened to shift my mood and perspective. Who did I just speak with? Where did I just come from and what was it that created this shift for me? Was it something that was said that triggered an emotional response? Or was it just the energy of a person that didn’t settle well with me? Without this awareness, we just end up absorbing the energy of other people or occurrences and before we know it, we are feeling stressed, weighed down and we don’t know how we could have gotten there. 


How to Shift Your Vibration  

It is very easy to create a temporary shift in our vibration. We can do this with things such as listening to music that we love, laughing with friends, dancing, or even holding a yoga pose. All these things will all bring us into a new vibrational pattern and you will know this because it will make you feel good. It will make you feel alive and in alignment with yourself. The problem is most of the time these things make us feel better for a short period and before we know it, we are pulled out of our alignment and pushed back into our negative thought patterns, anxiety, or stress. 

To create lasting change in your vibrational pattern, you need to start putting out a new ‘vibe’. Its basically about crowding out your old way of thinking and replacing it with a perspective that will allow you to be open to receiving what it is you want. The best way to do this is by visualization. It sounds so easy but when we aren’t used to visualizing the things we want in our lives and believing that we can actually have them, then this can be a struggle for some people. To really see this become affluent in your life, I would recommend taking 20 minutes a day to yourself to visualize what it is you want. This could be a new home, health, more love in your life, being more open to a situation but fear has been holding you back…. the list goes on. Gradually, you will notice small changes as your life shifts toward being in alignment with what it is that you want. 


Two Secrets to Making This Work…

  • The first is to visualize as much detail as possible. Watch yourself go through the process of receiving what it is you are wanting. Play it out in your own mind as though you are watching it in a movie. 


  • The second is to FEEL it. As you are visualizing your life with this new vision, feel the emotion of it. Feel the joy, the happiness, the love… whatever it makes you feel. Feel it to the point where you make yourself smile or laugh in your real life because you believe you already have it. Without feeling it… you are basically sending blank mail into the Universe and that is exactly what you will receive back.

Above everything, fill your every minute with things that make you feel good. Always engage with people, situations, circumstances that support your happiness and thus allow you to feel connected to who you truly are!