How Our Chakras Control Our Life

When I first entered the world of energy medicine several years ago, I was introduced to our chakra system. At the time I didn’t fully comprehend that our physical and energetic body was so connected, so understanding the importance of the chakra system was easy for me to overlook since it was something intangible to me at the time. 

It wasn’t long however, before it became apparent that keeping balance in my chakras was vital to my well-being, vitality and health. I’ve found Chakra work so profound that I utilize chakra balancing techniques during every client session and the effects are extremely powerful. The truth of it is, that our Chakras are a direct correlation to what is going on in our physical body and our life. 


What is a Chakra?  

Within each of us is an intelligent energy system that governs our entire life. This system is composed of 12 chakras, however in this article we will focus on the first 7, as these are located directly within the physical body and also govern that particular area of the body. Each chakra is linked to a particular color and they individually create a vortex of energy in the front and back of the body. These vortexes give off energy as well as receive energy, which means that they are influenced both by our internal state as well as what surrounds us. In addition to this, the state of our chakras dictate what we attract into our lives. If we are blocked in our heart chakra, we will find that we struggle with relationships within our life (both existing relationships and new ones that come in). We may find that we have a hard time being expressive with our emotions or that it is more difficult for us find love for another, by focusing on the negative or what we dislike about that person. On the other side of it, it is likely that we also won’t receive the love and respect we are looking for in personal relationships, work, or home life. After having this blockage linger for some time, it is not uncommon to begin to notice that we get frequent respiratory viruses, heart palpitations, or chest pains as it is being expressed through our physical body. To put it in simplest terms, the state of each of our chakras directly determines the state of our life - our health, wealth, love life, success and joy. 


    How Our Chakra System Affects Our Life

Root Chakra

Area of body: This chakra oversees area in the spinal column, legs, feet, hops and lower abdomen.

Issues: This chakra is responsible for grounding us in our physical body, feeling as though we have a sense of belonging in the world (or in our environment/community).


Sacral Chakra

Area of body: This chakra oversees areas of the lower abdomen, pelvis, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder and upper colon. 

Issues: This chakra governs our drive to pursue pleasure, intimate relationships. It oversees our comfort with our sensuality and sexuality. 


Solar Plexus

Area of body: This chakra oversees the physical area of the stomach, liver, digestive system and spleen. 

Issues: The solar plexus helps us to generate our personal power and maintain strong healthy boundaries in our life. This chakra also oversees our self esteem and sense of empowerment. Its about living according to what you believe in.


Heart Chakra

Area of body: Just as it is called, this chakra governs the heart, blood, chest, arms and lungs.

Issues: Our heart chakra oversees all of our emotions, giving and receiving love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. 


Throat Chakra

Area of body: This chakra governs the physical areas of the throat, neck, jaw, teeth and thyroid gland.

Issues: This chakra is responsible for our drive to authentically express ourselves and the ability to speak our truth.


Third Eye

Area of body: The third eye oversees the physical areas of the head including the brain, ears and eyes. 

Issues: This chakra governs our intuition and helps us access our innate wisdom.


Crown Chakra

Area of body: This is responsible for our upper brain and general nervous system.

Issues: This chakra goes beyond the realm of intuition and establishing a connection with the spiritual world. It also correlates to our awareness and sense of ‘knowing’.

As you can see our chakra system governs not only our physical well being but also our experiences, and what we attract within our life. Ideally, each chakra should be in balance to allow flow through the entire chakra system. If one chakra is out of balance or blocked, it can and will create blockages in other chakras as well. An example of how we come to imbalances within the chakra system is to think about a bathtub. Normally the water flows down the drain and reaches where it needs to go. Water comes in, does what it needs to do and flows out to where it needs to go. If however, the drain begins to get clogged, there will be stagnant water and over time mold, mildew and bacteria will grow. Eventually if too much water goes into one area of the drain, all that mold, bacteria and mildew will back flow  into the tub. This is the same way in which our chakra system works…. one blockage can create blockages in other chakras and thus, physical, psychological and emotional disruptions within our life.